Final: Hornets 87, Celtics 86

Final: Hornets 87-86:A disastrous loss for the Celtics, who go get outscored 7-0 in the final 1:32 and allow Anthony Davis to tip-in the game winner with 0.3 seconds left off an Eric Gordon miss. A terrible loss for the Celtics, who led by 13 early in the third quarter and 5 with 1:40 left.

Fourth quarter, 15.6, Celtics 86-85: Paul Pierce is short on one of his leaners and the Hornets grab the rebound. New Orleans ball.

Fourth quarter, 35.5, Celtics 86-85: Paul Pierce fouls Ryan Anderson on a 3-point attempt and he hits two of the three free throws. Celtics ball. Pierce has 28 points.


Fourth quarter, 40,6, Celtics 86-83: Celtics had two chances to make it a two-possession game but couldn’t and now the Hornets have the ball with 14 seconds on the shot clock. The Celtics are out of fouls.

Fourth quarter, 2:34, Celtics 84-81: Paul Pierce has scored 9 straight points and the Celtics are on a 15-3 run to take the lead again after trailing by 9. Pierce now has 28 points in just over 30 minutes after the Hornets were close to sealing the game. Hornets ball.

Fourth quarter, 5:24, Hornets 78-73: The Celtics have scored consecutive baskets (shocker) and are trying to rally after watching an early 13-points second-half lead waste away to a 9-point deficit just moments ago. The Celtics are 8-for-29 shooting in the second half for 18 points and they have attempted one free throw after the break following 12 in the first.

Fourth quarter, 8:36, Hornets 72-69: The Hornets took their first lead since the first quarter after Ryan Roberts scored the first 5 points of the fourth quarter. The Celtics are 6-for-23 shooting in the second half and are visibly frustrated. Let’s see if they can gather themselves.

End of third quarter, Tied at 67: The Celtics scored 55 points in the first half and 12 in the third quarter, and that’s a problem. They were 5-for-18 shooting in the quarter and committed eight fouls in the period after seven in the first half.


Third quarter, 2:47, Celtics 65-62: After a 15-5 run and with Eric Gordon about to attempt two free throws, the Celtics are in trouble. They look confused offensively, scoring two field goals in the past six minutes. The Hornets just keep chipping away and are using rebounding to stay close. Gordon has 6 points during the run.

Third quarter, 7:52, Celtics 60-54: The theme tonight is Celtics build nice lead, Hornets rally. New Orleans is on a 7-0 run to cut a 13-point deficit to 6 and the Celtics look disheveled on offense and confused on defense. They need to get back to offensive basics with Kevin Garnett and Jeff Green.

Halftime, Celtics 55-45: A solid 24 minutes of work for the Celtics, who shot 60 percent from the field and 40 percent from the 3-point line. The tandem of Jeff Green and Kevin Garnett are dominating the paint and perimeter, combining for 27 points on 10-for-13 shooting while Paul Pierce added 12 points. Greivis Vasquez leads the Hornets with 10 but he’s being harassed defensively by Avery Bradley.

Second quarter, 5:10, Celtics 46-36: Boston responds with a 7-0 run and is shooting 68 percent from the field. But the Celtics have to continue to avoid turnovers and defensive lapses. Kevin Garnett just scored his 12th point in his return after a two-game absence.

Second quarter, 7:19, Celtics 37-35: The Celtics are flirting with 70 percent shooting and are moving the ball well but they have to get more consistent stops and avoid the turnovers. Jeff Green has 13 points while Kevin Garnett has 8 for the Celtics. The Hornets have been sparked by their bench with Ryan Anderson and Ryan Roberts combining for 14 points.


End of first quarter, Celtics 31-22: Jeff Green scores 11 points in the period and the Celtics score at will as the Hornets look like a team playing out the string. Jordan Crawford canned a jumper at the buzzer as the Celtics shot 70 percent.

First quarter, 5:37, Celtics 15-7: Jeff Green has picked up where he left off with his 43-point game on Monday. He has scored 5 quick points as the Celtics appear to be taking the Hornets seriously and want to make an early statement. Kevin Garnett missed his first two shots but then made his next two and exited the game for his first break with 4 points.

First quarter, 10:27, Hornets 3-2: Brandon Bass opened the scoring with a jumper and Anthony Davis countered with one of his own. Kevin Garnett has already missed his first two shots.

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