Celtics shootaround report: Terry returns to Dallas

DALLAS – While the Celtics were trying to recover from Wednesday’s disheartening loss to the New Orleans Hornets and preparing for the Dallas Mavericks, guard Jason Terry was surrounded by local media to discuss his first game in Dallas since leaving the Mavericks for the Celtics this summer.

Terry spent eight productive seasons in Dallas, leading the club to two NBA Finals appearances and one championship. He has looked at this date for months and was finally able to speak fully on his first game here as a Celtic.

“It was fun (facing the Mavericks) in Boston but here it’s obviously a lot more special,” he said. “This is cool man, seeing all of you (media). We spent a lot of time together. I’m just happy to be back. I definitely took my sedatives (so I can calm down). I’m mild mannered but I’m definitely going to take a flight on the runway.”


When asked about what he expected from the fans, Terry said: “A lot of cheers. Mainly because I got about 100 tickets so my cheering section will be in the building. It’s all positive. We’re in a good place. We’re fighting for playoff position and so again we’re focused on getting the win but it will be good to come back home.”

Terry said being allowed to leave Dallas still causes some unpleasant feelings.

“I shed tears when I had to leave so I don’t think I have any more left,” he said. “It’s tough (to see Dallas struggling) because I’m still a Mavs fan at heart but again when you break up the team, that’s what happens. You’d like to get a chance to fight for what you earned and we didn’t get that opportunity, but it’s over now and we’re past the disappointment and you have to move on.”

Terry said the Mavericks could have been contenders again if they retained the core of the team.

“No question about it, we probably would have added a couple of more pieces, but it didn’t happen, so you can’t cry about it now,” he said. “I gotta do something (special tonight), I was 0-fer the last game. No points, I had a lot of turnovers, so best believe I’ll be aggressive tonight. The first shot going up is definitely going to be a 3 (pointer).”


Also, Doc Rivers said Kevin Garnett is a go tonight and he doesn’t expect any after-effects from Wednesday’s 1-point loss to the Hornets.

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