Final: Mavericks 104, Celtics 94

Final: Mavericks 104-94: The Celtics get a close as 5 but give up too many offensive rebounds and make too many mistakes on offense. Their third loss in a row. Brandan Wright with a season-high 23 points for Dallas.

Fourth quarter, 1:51, Mavericks 97-92: Celtics have scored last 4 points and need another defensive stop. They haven’t been within two possessions in about a month. Mavericks ball.

Fourth quarter, 2:44, Mavericks 94-86: The Celtics are playing hard, they just aren’t playing well. Kevin Garnett just committed a key shooting foul on Dirk Nowitzki trying to make a steal and now the Maverick has two free throws. Garnett has 16 points and 11 rebounds. Dirk has 20 and 7.


Fourth quarter, 4:30, Mavericks 93-83: It just isn’t the Celtics night. They are making Vince Carter look like an all-star again and making Brandan Wright look like an all-star for the first time. Do the Celtics have anything left?

Fourth quarter, 7:44, Mavericks 87-77: The Celtics once again rallied behind 7 straight points from Jordan Crawford but have allowed consecutive baskets to Darren Collison and the lead’s back up to 10. Do the Celtics have one more run left? They definitely have done nothing to show they deserve to win this game. Dirk Nowitzki leads all scorers with 20 points.

End of third quarter, Mavericks 79-68: Amazingly, for as poorly as they have played, the Celtics are within striking distance with a couple of baskets. They have been their own worst enemy tonight, shooting 39 percent with 11 turnovers. Brandon Bass has 16 points and Kevin Garnett has 14. Brandan Wright has hurt the Celtics with 16 points, mostly on layups.

Third quarter, 2:00, Mavericks 75-63: The Celtics just can’t seem to get out of their own way tonight. Each time they are close to making this competitive, they miss a layup or commit a turnover and the Mavericks respond with a big basket. The Celtics are shooting 37.9 percent..


Third quarter, 5:54, Mavericks 68-59: It’s bizarre here. The Celtics are both close to coming back and being blown out. They have spent the entire evening making mistakes but are still a couple of shots from rallying. The question is whether they are capable of such a feat. Brandon Bass has 12 points for Boston.

Halftime, Mavericks 55-44: The Celtics are just making mistake after mistake, allowing the Mavericks to run on an 8-1 run to end the quarter for their biggest lead of the game. The Celtics have missed at least seven layups, including one by Brandon Bass, who missed two and was called for offensive goaltending on the third attempt. The Celtics are shooting 37 percent and have committed nine turnovers. Vince Carter has come off the bench to score 12 points, most on crazy layups and fouls.

Second quarter, 2:39, Mavericks 45-39: The Celtics defense has increase their intensity but continue to breakdown on pick-and-roll. Brandan Wright just scored again because Chris Wilcox left him all alone to cover Darren Collison. Wright has a game-high 12 points while Kevin Garnett and Brandon Bass each have 8 for Boston.

Second quarter, 8:03, Mavericks 35-27: A frustrating night for the Celtics, who have missed at least five layups. They are shooting 38 percent and keep fouling the Mavericks on shot attempts. The Mavericks are beginning to miss shots but the Celtics can’t capitalize. Jason Terry has 4 points in his return while Jordan Crawford is scoreless on 0-for-4 shooting.

End of first quarter, Mavericks 30-19: The Celtics didn’t score for more than three minutes before Jeff Green streaked to the basket for a layup with two seconds left. The Celtics are playing sloppy ball and consistently slipping on defense. The Mavericks have already hit three 3-pointers and are outrebounding the Celtics 13-6. Paul Pierce leads the Celtics with 5 points.


First quarter, 2:59, Mavericks 24-19: The Celtics have made a plethora of mistakes so far, especially defensively, where they can’t defend the pick-and-roll with Brandan Wright, who already has 6 points. Vince Carter has just come off the bench to add 5 and the Celtics are being outrebounded 11-5.

First quarter, 8:16, Mavericks 9-2: The Celtics have already missed two layups and Mike James have scored 5 straight points and Boston already looks flat. Jason Terry has yet to enter the game and there was no video tribute prior to game.

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