Final: Knicks 108, Celtics 89

Final: Knicks 108-89: The Celtics never led after the first quarter and trailed by double digits the entire second half. A disappointing game for the Celtics considering the had a full day off. Jeff Green led Boston with 27 points and Paul Pierce added 24 and 15 rebounds.

Fourth quarter, 2:22, Knicks 101-85: It’s garbage time now as the Celtics are headed to their second loss to the Knicks in five days. The first half was the story. The Celtics yielded 65 points and 11 3-pointers, enough for the knockout punch. Jeff Green has 27 points for the Celtics and Paul Pierce 24. But the Celtics never could regain control after giving up a 21-17 lead.


Fourth quarter, 7:29, Knicks 94-73: This one’s about done folks, the Celtics have scored just 25 points in the first 16:31 of the second half, going 6 of 22 from the field. The Knicks have slowed down on their 3-point prowess but now they are living at the free throw line, having attempted 25 for the game.

End of third quarter, Knicks 86-69: The Celtics hold the Knicks to 21 points in the third after 37 in the second but now they decide to go cold from the field. They were 3-for-10 shooting from the 3-point line in the quarter and 5 of 16 overall. Paul Pierce has 24 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists.

Third quarter, 49.9, Knicks 85-69: The Celtics’ defense has drastically improved in the quarter but they are just 5-for-15 shooting in the quarter. Jeff Green has 25 points but he’s going to need major help if the Celtics hope to make one last run.

Third quarter, 5:00, Knicks 78-64: The Celtics were close to cutting it to single digits but Brandon Bass missed a jump hook and Raymond Felton has just responded with a floater and foul, Avery Bradley’s fifth. Jeff Green has 23 points for the Celtics.

Halftime, Knicks 65-48: Yeah it was that bad. Raymond Felton hits a 55-footer at the buzzer to end the first half, New York’s 11th 3-pointer. They are either hitting 3’s or living at the line and the Celtics have no response. The Knicks were 11-for-21 shooting on 3-pointer and 10-for-25 on 2-pointers. The Celtics shot 49 percent have nearly a triple-double at halftime from Paul Pierce and trail by 17.


Second quarter, 2:38, Knicks 55-42: The Knicks are cold from the field but they keep getting to the free throw line, drawing the ire of coach Doc Rivers. The Knicks have attempted nine free throws in the period and Rivers picked up a technical foul for arguing Avery Bradley’s third foul call on J.R. Smith.

Second quarter, 7:06, Knicks 44-34: The Knicks are now at 57 percent shooting and have drained eight 3-pointers. Chris Copeland, taking advantage of a mismatch against Shavlik Randolph, has 8 points in five minutes while J.R. Smith is also heating up. Jeff Green leads the Celtics with 10 points.

End of fIrst quarter, Knicks 28-23: New York ends the quarter on an 11-2 run as J.R. Smith hits a stepback jumper in the final second of the quarter. The Knicks shot 52 percent in the period and hit five 3-pointers. The 3-point shooting can’t continue to occur if the Celtics plan on coming back. Paul Pierce, Avery Bradley and Jason Terry are a combined 1-for-9 shooting.

FIrst quarter, 2:34, Celtics 21-19: The Celtics are definitely playing with more energy than the last time. They are shooting 44 percent after Paul Pierce just missed everything on a 3-pointer but they are playing decent defense as Doc Rivers mixes zone and man. J.R. Smith has 1 point in four minutes.

FIrst quarter, 6:30, Knicks 16-11: A really bad sign for the Celtics is that the Knicks already have four 3-pointers and J.R. Smith has yet to enter the game. The Knicks are getting anything they want on the perimeter. The Celtics are offensively off to an erratic start with three turnovers already.

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