Updates from Celtics-Heat

Fourth quarter, 2:11, Heat 106-92: The Celtics fought for as long as they could but Miami is just too good when it is allowed to score at will. The Heat are still shooting 55.1 percent and five players have scored in double figures. Jeff Green left the game with a bruised left elbow after falling following a dunk.

Fourth quarter, 7:50, Heat 94-79: The Celtics are trying to stay close but they are getting pounded defensively and Jeff Green is the only offensive scoring threat. He has 25 while Jordan Crawford has 20 and Brandon Bass has 14. Rashard Lewis is going old Sonics on the Celtics with 19 and three 3-pointers.


End of third quarter, Heat 87-75: The Heat are 26-for-36 shooting since the first quarter and keep hitting 3-pointers to keep the Celtics at bay. This time Rashard Lewis hit two near the end of the third quarter after the Celtics cut the Miami lead to 8. Jeff Green has 23 points for the Celtics.

Third quarter. 3:25, Heat 77-67: The Celtics are hanging close, despite Miami shooting 70.9 percent from the field since the first quarter. The Heat have maintained their lead with seven 3-pointers while the Celtics have had trouble scoring since a 27-point first quarter. Jeff Green, Jordan Crawford and Brandon Bass are a combined 19-for-31 shooting. The rest of the Celtics: 7-for-26.

Third quarter. 7:06, Heat 72-60: The Celtics cut the deficit to 5 before a 7-0 Miami run and now the Celtics are back where they started. Jordan Crawford has 20 points in 23 minutes but the Celtics are 4-for-14 from the 3-point while the Heat are 6-for-13. LeBron James has 16 points, all seven of his field goals have been at the rim.

Halftime, Heat 58-50: Well that quarter is over and the Celtics have to be relieved. The Heat had to set some type of record in that quarter for shooting, hitting 16 of 19 shots (84.2 percent) and scoring 41 points after 17 in the first quarter. The good news for the Celtics is there is no way the Heat could repeat that number, right? LeBron James has 14 points, five of those on dunks. Jordan Crawford and Jeff Green lead the Celtics with 12.


Second quarter, 5:37, Tied at 38: Just like that, the Heat put up 21 points on the Celtics in 6:23 after scoring 17 all of the first quarter. The Heat got back into the game with an 11-0 run while the Celtics are having more issues scoring and are missing shots. They are 4 of 10 from the field in the second quarter.

Second quarter, 8:53, Celtics 34-28: Ray Allen is on a personal 5-0 run and Doc Rivers calls timeout after Allen hits an open 3-pointer from the corner. The Celtics have seen that many times before. The Celtics are shooting 52 percent but have to avoid the turnovers and empty possessions to keep this game close. Allen has 6 points as does Rashard Lewis.

End of first quarter, Celtics 27-17: The Celtics shoot 50 percent in the first quarter and play a free-wheeling style that is fitting their shorthanded lineup. Jeff Green has 8 points, including two thunderous hammer dunks while LeBron James has 8 for the Heat. Dwyane Wade did not score, going 0-for-3 shooting.

First quarter, 5:24, Celtics 15-11: LeBron James already has three dunks and is lone Heat player playing with any passion. Doc Rivers called a timeout after Chris Bosh was left wide open in the paint for a dunk. The Heat are 5-for-13 shooting and James already has four field goals. The Celtics are 5-for-11.

First quarter, 7:00, Celtics 13-5: It’s crazy that the Celtics are playing with their bench guys but have yet to trail. They jumped out to a 6-0 lead thanks to baskets from Jeff Green and Jordan Crawford. LeBron James has 4 of Miami’s points. Avery Bradley just extended the lead with a 3-pointer.

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