NBA commissioner David Stern talks about events in Boston

NEW YORK — NBA commissioner David Stern briefly touched on the events in Boston during a press briefing following the Board of Governors meeting in New York Friday. Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca discussed The One Fund charity effort, and Stern talked about increased security for the Knicks-Celtics playoff series that begins Saturday at Madison Square Garden.

“There was a discussion of security, of what we’re doing, what we continue to do,” said Stern, “and in that connection, there was a presentation by Steve Pagliuca, who is the governor from the Celtics, about what’s called The One Fund, which has been established by the businesses of Boston, to which the Celtics are taking a leadership role and which the NBA is making a significant contribution to.


“Everybody was focused on what’s going on in Boston, what has gone on in Boston, and at this point almost a seeming irrelevance of sports in light of the great human suffering and the tragedies that we’re all glued to the television about.”

“But we’re touched by the outpouring of support for all of the people of Boston. We were actually briefed on the president’s attendance at the Mass yesterday, or at the church yesterday, and what we could do in some way to show support for the people of Boston, and we’ll see how that plays out …particularly in the course of the Knicks-Celtics playoff series.”

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