Carmelo Anthony says shoulder is fine, responds to Jordan Crawford

NEW YORK — Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony said his shoulder was OK after getting tangled with Kevin Garnett in the fourth quarter of Wednesday’s 92-86 loss to the Celtics.

“I guess he was trying to take my arm away,” Anthony said of Garnett. “I got kind of tangled up with him, kind of yanked my shoulder a little bit. I’m fine.”

After the game, Celtics guard Jordan Crawford — who didn’t play in Game 5 — appeared to have some words with Anthony as the teams were walking off the court. The setup at Madison Square Garden is such that the teams must cross over each other on their way of the floor. Crawford said something to Anthony and was held back by Celtics forward D.J. White while Knicks point guard Raymond Felton chimed in.


“Just some words,” said Felton. “Nothing serious.”

Anthony responded to a question about Crawford in his postgame press conference.

“Im not thinking about Jordan Crawford right now,” said Anthony. “I don’t even think he deserves for you to be typing about him right now.”

In the Celtics locker room, Crawford and White were laughing and talking about the incident while reporters conducted interviews.

A few other notes following Game 5:

— Wearing black to the game to prepare for the Celtics’ “funeral” didn’t work out so well for the Knicks in Game 5. Knicks guard J.R. Smith, who was one of the biggest trash talkers this week, shot 3 for 14 in the game.

“We were going to a funeral, but looks like we got buried,” said Smith. “I’m done with the black thing.”

Said Celtics guard Jason Terry, “You’re only buried if the casket is closed so to speak. Us getting that win opened the door just a little bit. Tonight opened it a little bit more. If we can even this thing up then it’s everybody’s series.”

— Terrence Williams gave the Celtics 17 big minutes off the bench, scoring 4 points and adding 4 rebounds and 2 assists.

“He steadied the ship,” said Terry. “He gives us another ball-handler who knows our offense. Defensively he’s a strong defender. So he fits right in. For him it’s all about confidence. He’s a tremendous hard worker, he stays the gym, even often times shooting the nights of the game afterward.”


— Anthony insisted after the game that the Knicks are the cause of their own demise.

“We’re just not making shots,” he said. “I don’t think Boston is doing anything that they haven’t been doing. … We good.”

Said Felton, “We’re still in a good place, we’re still up three games to two.”

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