Like rest of New England, Celtics in awe of Patriots, Red Sox comebacks

WALTHAM – Along with the rest of Boston, the Celtics were still in awe Monday over the dramatic comeback wins by the Red Sox and Patriots Sunday.

“That was great, wasn’t it?” coach Brad Stevens said after practice here leading up to the preseason game Tuesday against the Nets in Brooklyn. “I have to admit, I fell asleep at the end of the Red Sox game. I’m sad to say that, but I woke up as they were celebrating.

“I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I’m looking forward to watching the YouTube [clip] of it. And I saw the drive. I saw [Tom] Brady was operating like a surgeon on that last drive. That was really something.”


It was also a special day for veteran Celtics swingman Gerald Wallace, a huge fan of David Ortiz and Brady, whom Wallace met Sunday as he attended his first-ever Patriots game.

“That’s like my childhood dream to meet him,” Wallace said. “It was Michael Jordan, then him. I met Michael, played for Michael. I met Brady. I didn’t meet him the way I wanted to meet him. I actually wanted to talk to him, but I understand it’s a game, big game for them, and he’s preparing for the game. I didn’t want to break his process — just got a quick handshake as he was walking to the locker room.”

But, like many in the stands at Gillette Stadium, Wallace left early.

“I missed the game-winning touchdown pass,” Wallace said. “Then when we gave up the two home runs in the sixth inning, I cut the TV off and started playing Xbox. Something just told me, I just had that feeling in my body, ‘Turn the TV back on.’ I turned it on, bases loaded, and Papi was coming on.”

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