Jared Sullinger completes the ‘tip-in of the century’

Watching regular season games in any sport can be a grind, but loyal Celtics fans were rewarded Wednesday night with one of the more fun moments/plays in recent memory.

The Celtics gained possession with 0.2 seconds remaining in the first quarter of their game vs. the Pistons after Detroit’s Kyle Singler mindlessly held the ball and was called for traveling for instead of chucking it at the hoop. CSN color commentator Tommy Heinsohn leads you into the play.

“Well there’s 0.2 on the shot clock, so nothing’s gonna happen here unless it’s the best tip-in play of the century.”


Welp. Heinsohn and play-by-play announcer Mike Gorman’s reaction and laughter after the play is fantastic. It was a tremendous play by Sullinger and a fun little moment in a long season. A special thanks to @MrTrpleDouble10 for sharing the video clip.

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