Dwyane Wade on Pierce and KG: “We Thought We Buried Them [in Boston]”

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If there is one lesson Boston fans have learned about former Celtics Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett over the past few years, it’s to never count the duo out.

One would figure that lesson is something long-time rivals like the Miami Heat would be wise enough to realize about the pair. DwyaneWade proved that wasn’t the case yesterday. The Heat guard admitted to thinking he would never have to face Pierce and Garnett again in the postseason yesterday as he held court with reporters in Miami.

“No,” Wade responded when asked if he thought he would see Pierce and Garnett again. “We thought when we played them in Boston, we buried them.”


Wade’s sentiments make some sense on the surface. After defeating the Celtics in a hard-fought seven-game series back in 2012, Miami signed away Ray Allen in free agency that summer, taking away one of Boston’s most valuable offensive weapons.
After Rajon Rondo’s ACL tear sidetracked any chance of a potential postseason rematch between Miami and Boston last season, the rivalry appeared to be dead. Pierce and Garnett would seemingly never get a chance for revenge against Allen after he abandoned ship.
Thankfully, Danny Ainge did well for all parties involved when dealing away the franchise legends last summer. Not only did he secure a great return for the Celtics, he also ensured the possibility that this day might come for Garnett and Pierce together.
The pair deserved one more chance at the Heat, one more chance to avenge Allen’s departure, and an opportunity prove to the world they still have something left in the tank and weren’t dead at all.
In the midst of a tough rebuilding season, this is the scenario that Boston fans have been quietly rooting for all year. Even Heat coach Erik Spoelstra knows where the loyalties of both players lie.

Starting tonight, Pierce and Garnett get one final shot to show Wade and the Heat they are still alive and kicking. You can bet Celtic fans will relish seeing them have that opportunity.

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