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Wyc Grousbeck: ‘Danny Told Me Last Week I’ve Got Six Guys I Love’


Given the letdown of lottery night, Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck’s radio appearance on The Sports Hub’s Felger & Massarotti show Wednesday seemed bent on telling Celtics fans, “Don’t worry, it’s coming.”

“I’m trying to be an optimist,” Grousbeck said of the Celtics receiving the No. 6 pick in June’s draft. “Taking the long view, the first thing that comes to my mind is [picks] 6 and 17. And then I have the advantage of Danny and Brad and Mike Zarren and everybody — those guys run drafts for us as you know — Danny told me last week I’ve got six guys I love. I know who we’re likely to get. I’m sure I know a couple of guys who will be there at six. We’re moving forward.”


One thing Grousbeck was quick to do in his appearance was shoot down any notion that Ainge or or anyone else on the Celtics thinks this is a subpar draft class. Ainge has repeatedly said he thinks this draft is overhyped.

“Others have listened to Danny in the past and others have ended up being fooled later on,” said Grousbeck. “We’re good with 6 and 17. We’re good with our pick next year, wherever it is. And the Clippers unprotected No. 1, thanks very much for that, Doc Rivers. We’ll make this work.”

Earlier this offseason, the Celtics co-owner hinted there might be “fireworks” in the form of trades or signings. He did not back off those comments Wednesday.


“With our goal of getting back to being contenders, you’ve got to put everything in the mix,” he said. “I think 6 and 17, and next year’s pick and next year’s Clippers pick, I’ve got to imagine that all of those things are in the mix.

“We’ve got more first-round picks than anybody in the league over the next 5 years. Will we end up trading some of those? Undoubtedly”

Grousbeck said movement could be happening soon, then backed off that somewhat.

“I’m sure we will end up packaging some of those. That’s how Danny did it in 2007. I’m sure that’s under consideration as soon as this week or next. Nothing will really happen, though, I would imagine, until more around the draft.”


Grousbeck also discussed the future of point guard Rajon Rondo.

“He was in the building this morning working out hard, and he looks great. He looks like he did in the old days before the knee. I’m not worried about Rondo.”

Grousbeck declined comment on whether or not the Celtics were trying to re-sign Rondo, and also declined comment on the Donald Sterling situation.

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