Clare Droesch, former BC basketball star, dies at 36

“She always fought hard and she spoke from the heart."

Clare Droesch celebrated after BC defeated UConn, 73-70, in a Big East Championship semifinal game in 2004. –Bob Child/Associated Press/file

After being diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in December 2011, Clare Droesch kept right on coaching basketball, the sport that had shaped and defined her life.

“There are some days you feel bad and want to give up, but I’m not ever gonna do that,’’ she told in 2012. “I know the people around me won’t let me. I have never given up. I always fought through any hard times I had.’’

Ms. Droesch, a 2016 inductee to the Boston College Varsity Club Hall of Fame, died at her home in Rockaway Beach, N.Y., on May 11. She was 36.


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