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Fenway Park will reportedly begin hosting a bowl game in 2020

"This is a good thing if you like college football."

Fenway Park Bowl Game Football
A worker paints the Notre Dame logo in the end zone in the center of Fenway Park. The Boston Globe

The home of the Red Sox will begin a new tradition in 2020.

According to college football insider Brett McMurphy of Stadium, Fenway Park will host a new bowl game starting in 2020. It will pit the ACC and American Conference against each other.

“This is a good thing if you like college football,” said McMurphy. “Certainly it’s a good for the American [conference]. They get a bowl game against a power five opponent.”

Los Angeles and Myrtle Beach are also getting new bowl games, according to McMurphy.

Yankee Stadium already hosts a bowl game of is own: The Pinstripe Bowl, which has existed since 2010 (and also involves an ACC team).


Football has been played at Fenway Park going back to 1912, and has continued at the ballpark in various iterations over the years.