Western bound

A few New York writers are of the thought that former Yankee manager Buck Showalter purposely made life difficult for his former team by allowing the Texas Rangers to fall to Los Angeles, 7-4.

Barring a nine-run comeback, the Yankees will open the ALDS in Los Angeles.

The Rangers had at one point led the game by three, until the Angels scored three on Juan Rivera’s homer in the fourth to tie things, then scored in consecutive innings, the sixth, seventh, and eighth, to put it away.

“Showalter is sticking it to the Yankees,” one writer bellowed. “It was 4-1 and now it’s 7-4. It’s a disgrace.”


As far as conspiracy theories go, don’t expect too much to come out of this one.

— For White Sox fans who had a difficult decision as to whether or not route for their scarlet-tinted brethren, Chris DeLuca provided the following in this morning’s Chicago Sun Times:

“Who should the White Sox root for as their first-round playoff opponent, Angels or Red Sox?

The White Sox went 4-6 against the Angels and were outscored 50-36. But a dislocated left shoulder forced Vladimir Guerrero to miss the first seven games, when the Sox went 4-3. With Guerrero in the lineup, the Angels swept three in Chicago on Sept. 9-11. The White Sox went 3-4 against the Red Sox, but the combined score was 36-36. Boston’s lineup is considered loaded, but head-to-head, the White Sox outhit the Red Sox .291-.282 and out- homered them 15-12. Though the Angels get knocked for their inconsistent offense, they outhit the White Sox .268-.244 and out-homered them 13-11.

Go Red Sox.”

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