All quiet on the Western front…

…but it’s early.

With Larry Lucchino heading west–and that’s assuming he hasn’t already set up shop here–the pace of the Sox GM search should quicken.

Jim Bowden, the Nats GM with the strong hometown ties (Weston), said Lucchino told him he would meet with him here either Wednesday or Thursday.

Kim Ng, the Dodger assistant GM, said last night that she had not hearad from the Sox, but it’s much more likely that she will be considered seriously for the Dodger’s job, although some combination of John Hart/Orel Hershiser looks like the likely pairing in L.A.


The Theo-back-to-Boston rumors? Right now, it remains only wishful thinking, even if 99 percent of the Sox organization would take him back in a heartbeat. Nothing has been set in motion that would lead to Theo’s return.

Jim Beattie, the Maine (not New Hampshire) native, would seem to be not much more than a courtesy interview–Beattie called the Sox, not the other way around–and he’d have to do a heckuva sales job to distance himself from the mess the Orioles were the last couple of years.

Three minority candidates that should merit consideration are Al Avila, the assistant GM of the Tigers, Ruben Amaro Jr., and Dave Wilder, who worked for the Phillies and White Sox, respectively. As of yesterday, none had been contacted by the Sox.

“Without a doubt,” Amaro Jr. told me when asked if he’d be interested in the Sox job.

“Honestly? Hell, yeah,” Wilder said when asked if he felt he was ready to become a GM. “If nothing else, this year proved that.”

Lucchino likes talent evaluators, which IMO means he ought to at least take a look at Pittsfield’s Paul Ricciarini, the senior director of player personnel for the other World Series finalist, the Houston Astros. Ricciarini has 30 years experience in the game.


It’s just 10:30 in the morning here; the GMs are in meetings, and Bud Selig comes in tomorrow, the same day ESPN the Magazine hits the newstands with what sounds like a major expose on steroids, who knew what and when, in baseball.

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