The Manny thing

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. — I think you can pretty much cross Anaheim off Manny’s list.

I just learned in the last couple of minutes that the Angels are under the assumption that Manny doesn’t want to DH, and neither does Garret Anderson, so where do you play him?

I’m telling you right now, one of Manny’s better friends on the team told me after the World Series that he thinks Manny is staying. The new GM will have to sort that one out.

There were stories in both a New York paper and the Boston Herald today saying that the Mets remain a possibility for Manny.


Despite earlier reports that suggested Manny said he doesn’t want to play there, I never doubted that Mets GM Omar Minaya would explore trade possibilities for Manny, but really all that stuff is on hold right now until the Sox have a GM.

In discussions the Sox Gang of Four had with clubs last night, one executive on another club said the Sox indicated they were looking for a right-handed bat for the outfield, no doubt to platoon with Trot, second base help, and back end of the bullpen help. Obviously, first base would enter in, too, although this guy didn’t mention it.

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