You want rumors …

… we got rumors.

Mid-afternoon here in Palm Springs, wishing I could be doing something besides playing potted plant.

News … the Sox contacted the Indians for permission to interview Chris Antonetti, the Indians assistant GM. Not sure yet how much interest Antonetti has, but I’d expect he’d want to be considered. Mike Arbuckle, the longtime Phillies talent evaluator, has yet to hear from the Sox, and neither has Tony LeCava of the Jays. Maybe the most overqualified assistant out there is Frank Wren of the Braves, but I think too many people have long assumed that Wren would wait for John Schuerholz of the Braves to retire, and JS is showing no signs of doing more. Maybe another Braves exec could be in the mix: Dayton Moore of the Braves, described by one exec as a young John Schuerholz. And Brian Cashman gave a ringing endorsement this afternoon of Kim Ng’s qualifications — Kim was Brian’s assistant with the Yankees — saying that he knows that if he can do what he does, so can she.


But you want to hear some balltalk. Here’s some of what’s been going on, much of it, you have to realize, people making educated guesses.

To wit …

  • Paul Konerko. One exec insists he’s staying with the White Sox, maybe for 4 years at $12m per. Another exec thinks Konerko could wind up in Anaheim.
  • Rafael Furcal will listen to a big sales pitch from the Cubs, but there are people who think in the end he’ll stick with Atlanta.
  • Billy Wagner at the moment looks like a contest between the Mets and Phillies, though you’d have to think the Red Sox would still be a mighty attractive alternative.
  • B.J. Ryan? He could be this year’s object of a Red Sox-Yankees war.
  • Johnny Damon? Yankees will try to trade for Torii Hunter, with Milton Bradley a fallback plan. Cubs won’t go after Damon, at least for not what they believe his price to be, so the question becomes the two Cali teams. A lot of scouts like the Sox chances of keeping JD.
  • A.J. Burnett looks like he’s leaning strongly toward Toronto … Roy Halladay did a great sales job on him during his visit last week, and the Jays would probably overpay.
  • Jarrod Washburn? Keep an eye on Milwaukee.
  • Kevin Millwood could be headed to Texas.

    But remember people, it’s EARLY in the game; this is blogspeak we’re talking here. Seven teams are in the market for a catcher, which makes the Sox signing of Jason Varitek last season look even better. One exec said that the Sox not only have the game’s best catcher, but the best backup catcher, too.

    Braves exec Jim Fregosi, the former manager, wants people to know he’s available for the Sox GM job. “I like Larry Lucchino,” Fregosi said, “not because he’s Italian, but because I’m Italian.”



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