Lobby lookin’

Manny’s agents, Greg Genske and Gene Mato, took a pass through the lobby a short time ago on their way to lunch. The one nugget that Genske threw out is the possibility that Manny’s contract will be extended, or restructured, to make a deal happen.

The managers are holding chat sessions with reporters this afternoon. Joe Madden, the new Devil Rays manager, showed up in his Elvis Costello glasses and held court, talking about how he plans to give Jimy Williams carte blanche in working with Devil Rays minor leaguers. Madden is a very interesting, dynamic guy who is going to bring a lot of energy to the D-Rays.


Dusty Baker of the Cubs also had his session, and talked about Nomar, how great a teammate he was and how all the stories about him being anything less were untrue. The only question about Nomar is not whether he can still hit — he can — but if he can stay healthy.

The Dodger rumors continue to percolate around David Wells, though I still think the Padres will make this work. Nothing new at the moment on JD.

And yes, more guys telling me they think Theo will be back.


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