Not so fast …

I caught Larry Lucchino as he was headed for an off campus appointment and he said that a trade for Manny “is such a big deal, it’s not likely to get done here.” That runs counter to the impression given by the Sox yesterday, but given the complexity of any Ramirez trade, it’s not really surprising.

Lucchino refused to say whether he had met with Scott Boras and he laughed when asked if he had met with Johnny Damon. “I haven’t seen him.” Lucchino said. “I don’t know if he’s here.”

There may be a new player in the David Wells deal. The Sox and A’s have talked about a trade in which the Red Sox would get reliever Justin Duchscherer and another player. Wells’s preference is to go back to the National League.


There’s continued talk that the Red Sox are pursuing Tampa shortstop Julio Lugo, even though the Rays may be only lukewarm about Kevin Youkilis, one of the players that the Sox are believed to be offering along with Kelly Shoppach and a minor league pitcher.

I just heard that Atlanta may have interest in Edgar Renteria.

The Sox are scheduled to meet with the media at some point… we’ll have an update later tonight.

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