Staying or going?

Is Manny staying or still going?

After a Thursday night report on (‘Manny Thinks He’s Staying in Boston’), it appeared that Manny Ramirez had changed his mind about wanting to be traded (again) and would like to remain in Boston with the Red Sox.

However, Ramirez’s agent, Greg Genske, told later Thursday night that Manny would consider waiving his no-trade clause for the Orioles or another team, discounting Ramirez’s statement to that he was ‘staying in Boston.’

According to’s Ken Rosenthal, Genske said he called Ramirez after learning of Manny’s remarks that he wanted to stay in Boston, and Ramirez denied making the comments. “If Boston is able to work out a trade with Baltimore or another team, Manny is still open to making a move,” Genske said.


Ramirez had told while in Miami on personal business “There will be no trade, I’m staying in Boston, where I’m familiar with the system and where I have a lot of friends, especially David Ortiz.” Ramírez has the right to veto any trade.

“I’m going to take things easy and focus on my career,” said Ramirez. “I know the American League system. That’s one reason I don’t want to go to the National League,” he said. “I also want to play for a contender, and I think with Boston I’m assured of that.”

Gordon Edes wrote in Thursday’s Boston Globe, “The Sox and Orioles continued talking about a proposed Manny Ramírez-Miguel Tejada deal yesterday, but nothing appeared imminent. The talks have not progressed to the point where the Sox have discussed with the Orioles what cash, if any, would change hands; that is not expected to happen unless the teams agree on the players involved in the deal.”

“The Orioles have told the Red Sox they would not accept Ramírez and pitcher Matt Clement for Tejada; they clearly would prefer one of the Sox’ pitching prospects (Jonathan Papelbon, Jon Lester) in the deal, but the Red Sox are not inclined to give up either. The Sox are believed to be seeking an outfielder along with Tejada. The Cubs, who have offered pitcher Mark Prior to the Orioles, have told the Orioles they want an answer shortly or will move on, according to an industry source; the Sox also have made it clear to Baltimore that they want a resolution soon.”


While trade talk between the Red Sox and Mets appears to have cooled, Beltran would love to have Ramirez alongside him in the Mets outfield this year according to The Associated Press.

“If it happens, that would be great,” Beltran said today during a telephone conference call. “Who doesn’t want to have Manny on the ballclub? Who doesn’t want to have that bat on the ballclub?”

Ramirez will play in the World Baseball Classic on a Dominican team that will feature some of the best players in Major League Baseball. Sluggers David Ortiz, Sammy Sosa, Miguel Tejada, Albert Pujols, Aramis Ramirez and Alfonzo Soriano are expected to play for the island nation.

“I do not think Manny thinks out certain situations very carefully,” wrote ESPN’s Peter Gammons in a chat with on Wednesday. “There appear to be personal issues involved in his desire to leave Boston. But I still believe that unless the Red Sox get Miguel Tejada, they will not trade him. There’s no reason that Manny couldn’t move out to where Pedro Martinez used to live by the Arnold Arboretum and get all the privacy he needs. I don’t think he’s going to retire. He’ll be playing for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. His reporting date for the Red Sox would be within the last 10 days of March.”

“He’s a right center field hitter. His greatest power has been minimized by Fenway Park. I can easily see him hitting 50 homers in Camden Yards. In my mind, as great a player as Tejada is, if the Orioles can get Ramirez and Clement, I personally think they would be crazy to turn it down.”

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