Manny in Italy?

Asked the boss this morning to alert our convoy of writers in Turin to keep their eyes peeled for a certain Dominican-born cleanup hitter. David Ortiz, in camp today, says he hasn’t talked to his fellow countryman in a few weeks. But, at the time, Ortiz said Manny Ramirez claimed to be headed to Italy for a vacation beginning tomorrow.

“I talked to Manny a few weeks ago and he was going to Italy tomorrow,” Ortiz said with a hearty laugh. “He said he was going there. He probably was just [kidding]. He’s not going to be here on Tuesday. How you going to be there Monday, the day before [you come here]? Is it going to be roundtrip, the same day?”


For the record, Ramirez isn’t due to report until Wednesday, with his first workout Thursday. We’ll see if he shows.

David Wells did show. He’s here but has yet to talk. Keith Foulke is going to decide after he works out whether he speaks or not. Jason Varitek is here as well, looking slim.

Apologies for the lack of humor in these dispatches. I’m keeping it serious, given that Gordon is on blogging probation for signing one of his dispatches with the salutation “Layta” at the winter meetings.

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