Agent: I think Manny’s happy

After Manny met with the media today, agent Greg Genske took his turn. What follows are some of his comments:

“I think today Manny is just focussing on being a Red Sox, being here, getting ready and helping the Red Sox win.

Will Manny be here for the season?

GG: “That I don’t know. That’s something I think you’d have to discuss more with Theo. If the answer was ‘Manny you’re not going to be traded, you’re here to stay, would Manny want to stay in Boston?'”

GG: “Manny is getting ready to play for the Boston Red Sox. That’s why he’s here. Now there are rumors and speculation out there … I think it’s premature to speculate what’s going to happen now. Manny was asked whether he was happy and he answered ‘I’m here.’ That could also be interpreted as he’s not happy.”


GG: “All I can do is go by my conversations with him and what I see in Manny. When I see him play baseball, that makes him happy. When I see him in the clubhouse and embrace his teammates, I see that as making him happy. From my perspective, I think he’s happy.”

Has he undergone any change of heart about Boston after the season, when he apparently told some people he wasn’t expected to be back?

GG: “That’s viewing it as one-sided. There’s been a lot of speculation about Manny leaving the Red Sox. From being put on waivers many years back, pursuing a trade with the Mets. I don’t know if there was necessarily something about Manny that had to be transformed in order for him to show up in spring training happy and ready to play.”

Will Manny live in the city?

GG: “I’m not sure if his penthouse sold or not.”

Anything new with his contract?

GG: “Right now we’re going to take it a year at a time. It’s 2006. We’re not too worried about what’s going to happen next season. He’s just worried about getting ready this year.”


Do you think you’ll be answering these questions every week — is Manny happy? Does he want to leave?

GG: “You guys can ask as many questions as you want, as long as you have reasonable grounds for asking those questions, we’re happy to answer it. Will we have to go through this exercise during the course of the season? It’s not worth speculating.”

Would Manny waive his 10-5 rights?

GG: “I’ve represented other players with 10-5 rights and players with no trade provisions in their contracts, but I can tell you you can have the right to veto a trade but it’s actually another thing to actually exercise that right. If there’s a situation where a club is trying to trade you and they want you to move on, it’s diffiuclt to say no.”

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Would Manny accept a deal?

GG: “If there’s a deal on the table would he accept it, would he not accept it, I don’t know. All I can say is we’d be open to anything.”

(Genske later said no trade proposal has ever been presented to Ramirez by the Red Sox).

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