Let the games begin

The Sox held a 90-minute workout at City of Palms Park this morning. Most of the players who were leaving for the World Baseball Classic camps as well as those not playing tonight against the Twins at Lee County Stadium were on hand. A few news and notes …

  • Tonight’s lineup:
    1. Coco Crisp — CF
    2. Tony Graffanino — 2B
    3. Kevin Youkilis — 1B
    4. Dustan Mohr — RF
    5. John Flaherty — C
    6. Ron Calloway — DH
    7. Alejandro Machado — SS
    8. David Murphy — LF
    9. Enrique Wilson — 3B

    Jonathan Papelbon — P

  • Jason Varitek poked his head out of the dugout at one point, but did not participate in workouts before leaving for the USA camp in Arizona. Mike Timlin also went ahead and did not take part in the workout.
  • It was the first time the Sox had worked out at the main facility. The field looked good. There appeared to be one minor change to the stadium in the right field corner area. The stands appeared to be pushed back farther and there was an extended grassy knoll area.
  • Stats guru Bill James and owner Tom Werner were seen posing for pictures, likely for a team-related publication.
  • Keith Foulke was one of the pitchers working out yesterday. The Hartford Courant’s Dave Herschel had good information from Foulke on the injections he’s having in his knees. The injections are intended to lubricate the joints and relieve pain he’s had in his right knee.

    “I don’t know how I’m going to react to this,” Foulke said. “My first injection was pretty hard. That kind of kept me down a couple of days. Maybe when my body gets used to it in there it will accept it faster.”

    Foulke said it takes 3-5 days after an injection to throw off a mound. His next mound session is scheduled for today and afterward he’ll receive another injection — and perhaps another one after that 3-5 days later. Foulke still believes he’ll be able to start the season on time as long as the injections take care of the pain.

  • Theo Epstein walked through the Sox clubhouse briefly to hand Alex Gonzalez a message.
  • Terry Francona oversaw the workout and did a few TV interviews. He’ll address the rest of the media at 4:45 p.m.
  • Manny Ramirez seemed chipper again as he took his rips in the batting cage. Still no word on when Ramirez will get into a game.
  • We’ll have more closer to game time (7:05 p.m.) …
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