Schill was thrilled

Curt Schilling was thrilled with his outing against BC today: four innings, one hit, no walks, three strikeouts.

“If I thought about how I felt last year in my best start and ranked it, today was in a different stratosphere from a physical standpoint as far as how I felt compared to any time, at any point last year,” said Schilling after the game.

“The two big things that come out of this game today for me that I wanted from an approach standpoint were how I felt and my velocity. I thought when I wanted to cut loose it was every bit the same way I used to cut loose in spring training in my first couple of starts.”

  • All we know about Dustin Pedroia is that he went for an MRI on his left shoulder. Terry Francona said the best-case scenario is that it’s a shoulder strain and he’ll miss a week. But those comments were made prior to the results being known.
  • Owner John Henry spent some time chatting with Terry Francona after the first game. Theo Epstein also came by to speak to the manager.
  • Here’s tonight’s Sox lineup against Northeastern:

    1. Crisp, CF
    2. Graffanino, 2B
    3. Snow, 1B
    4. Mohr, RF
    5. Murphy, LF
    6. Pressley, DH
    7. Flaherty, C
    8. Wilson, 3B
    9. Lowrie, SS
    Clement, P

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