Selig speaks

A couple of interesting items from the World Baseball Classic in Phoenix:

  • Commissioner Bud Selig said he had read David Wells’ latest rant against him in today’s editions of the Hartford Courant. Asked to respond, he said, “I have no reaction.”….
  • Selig said of the steroid allegations against Barry Bonds in a new book about steroids by a pair of San Francisco Chronicle reporters, “I will review all of the material that’s relative … at some appropriate time, I’ll have a comment, but right now I don’t have a comment.” Selig said that he has no plans to meet with Bonds presently. Later he indicated that until he has reviewed allegations, Bonds, who was not in Scottsdale with the Giants, but rather attending a custody hearing in Los Angeles, would stay on the Giants roster. Selig would not comment on how MLB would handle his quest for the home run record.
  • Jason Varitek has received his first briefing from Sox first base coach Bill Haselman on the performance of Sox pitchers the past few days. “I spoke to Hass for about a half hour and he’s got me up to date.” There had been some talk about the Sox sending Varitek video of the pitchers, but Varitek said, “I don’t think the video would help, honestly. I need to hear what’s going on with every guy from someone who’s seen it. I think this will be a good system until I get back.” Varitek had spent a few days trying to get used to Dontrelle Willis, whom he was catching this afternoon for Team USA against Canada.
  • Varitek said he was as surprised as anyone over the retirement of backup catcher John Flaherty.
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