Bombs away

Wily Mo Pena just took batting practice. He hit some absolute bombs — one off the scoreboard in left center, one over the scoreboard, and a smattering onto the field behind the left-field wall.

He’s going to get an at-bat or two today, Terry Francona said.

Pena, who was to start in left field for the Reds, said he’s OK with a part-time role.

“That’s ok,” he said. “They told me they’re going to give me a chance against the lefty. I’m going to play a lot against lefties. So I have to make the opportunity. When the opportunity comes I have to be ready. I know I was going to be a starter in Cincinnati. So I have to adjust my game and keep working hard.”


Pena, on Fenway: “That’s a great ballpark. We were there last year. That was my first time. I said, I can’t believe I’m here. Now I’m going to be there a lot.”

How many homers could he hit if he played every day? “I don’t know. I don’t want to say that. I’m not going to say I can hit that many.”

Pena said he played first base in the Dominican during winter ball but Francona said he’ll be strictly an outfielder.

“The best I play is center field and right field,” he said. “Like I told them, if they need me everywhere I just need to be ready.”

Asked how much he weighs, he said: “About 250. I guess.” He stopped to wag his tongue, suggesting he could be a bit bulkier, though it looks to be largely muscle. “When I get here I was like 260. I said to myself, I have to get down to 250, 245.”

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