Jeering Johnny

Johnny Damon revealed before tonight’s game that he had his Yankee teammates prepare him for the vociferous and virulent reaction he got from Red Sox fans last night during Boston’s 7-3 victory.

“The thing is that my teammates know that that stuff is not going to bother me,” said Damon. “I had them prepare me for the game. I told them to start calling me every name in the book. Let’s go. So I’m prepared.”

Damon reiterated that he was not hurt by Boston fans booing him. “No, not at all,” said Damon. “I just think they’re upset that I’m not out there for them. They knew all along how I wanted to be here for the rest of my career. I bought a huge house that’s just sitting empty. It’s just unfortunate. In the game of sports when you get to be a free agent, it’s hardly ever good.”


The former Red Sox lead-off hitter and leading man said he had somebody coming to look at his Brookline dream home today.

“I was out there last night for a couple of hours,” he said. “Maybe we can rent it out by the room.”

Damon revealed that the home has “five rooms, plus an office room, and 3 1/2 bathrooms.”

“Actually in my pool house there is a bedroom, a grill, a bar, a bathroom, everything out there. I went all out,” said Damon. “Now, I wish this house was down in Florida.”

Damon joked that he’d offer a hometown discount to former teammate David Ortiz, if he we’re interested.

Here’s a few more quotes from Damon:

On his wife Michelle’s reaction to his greeting from fans at Fenway:
“Yeah, she watched the game. She was okay. She knew how the fans here react. I told her that’s how it’s going to be. She heard some of the comments the Red Sox made and she was happy that they were displeased by their fans. Those are the guys who go out there and play hard for them every day and they kind of take a look back and say, ‘Oh, maybe I won’t leave because of what happened to him.’ It’s all in good fun. It’s a game and that’s how I always look at it as.”


On the reaction he got when he returned to Kansas City, where he began his career, in 2001 after being traded to Oakland:
“I remember going back to Kansas City when I was traded and that was pretty bad. They were just upset I was on a winning team. I got traded because I wanted to win and that’s unfortunate. It was tough going back there too.”

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