Wait and see

Wait and see. That’s what Red Sox manager Terry Francona said the Sox approach will be to the weather situation tonight. Francona said the team has gotten a variety of different forecasts. Some saying the rain will hold off long enough for the game to go official and others saying that Fenway could get slammed. As of 5 p.m., the tarp was covering the infield.

With the Sox and Rangers scheduled to play a double-header tomorrow, including a make-up game from Texas’s last trip to Boston, the teams can ill-afford another rain out. One possibility if tonight’s game is rained out is back-to-back doubleheaders, but that would require the approval of players on both teams. Francona said it is doubtful both sides would sign off.

“There’s only so many contingencies. We’ll just wait and see,” he said.

  • Francona expressed excitement about the major league debut of highly touted-lefthander Jon Lester tomorrow in the first game of the double dip. The Red Sox manager cautioned fans from judging the top prospect on the basis of his start tomorrow.

    “If he has a tough game that doesn’t mean he’s not going to be a good pitcher and if he throws seven shutout innings he’s not going to the Hall of Fame,” said Francona. “Obvioulsy, I’d prefer the seven shutout innings. Hopefully, this kid is going to pitch for us for a long time.”

  • Francona said Kevin Youkilis has a pretty good bruise on his elbow after being beaned on it for the second time in less than a week against the Yankees last night. When asked if Youkilis planned to wear a protective sleeve, the Sox manager deadpanned, “If he keeps getting hit he might.”
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