Pedro, Pedro, Pedro

Well, Pedro didn’t have to wait until tomorrow to find out how he’d be received by Sox fans — he got a standing ovation in the second inning — but you get the feeling that was what Martinez expected all along.

Pedro said he understands why Sox fans booed another beloved former player, Johnny Damon, upon his return to the Fens and the one-time Sox ace wasn’t surprised by it.

“No. Once you’re a Red Sox, you’re a Red Sox forever. I know that Johnny in his heart feels a lot for the Red Sox. He was part of a championship team, but he went to the wrong uniform to come back to Boston. Thank God I didn’t have to make the same mistake.”


Martinez said he can’t see himself playing for the Sox again, citing how good his current team, the Mets, is. But Martinez admitted that this Mets club doesn’t have the character or characters that the “Cowboy Up” and “Idiot” Red Sox clubs possessed.

“We have some guys that are more conserative than the bunch of guys that we had here,” said Martinez. “Who can be Manny? Nobody can be Manny. Nobody can be Big Papi. Nobody can be Millar, Johnny Damon, cuckoo bird Derek Lowe, cukoo bird Bronson Arroyo. I don’t think you could put that group together again on any team. That was a special group.

“I don’t think our team will ever get to that, but we have a very, very good team. It’s a little different, but still it’s a lot of fun. It’s also good, very good but in a different way, not like here, the Idiots that we had in Boston.”

— Sox lead, 3-1, in the top of the fourth. Mark Loretta drove in Alex Gonazalez with the third Boston run.

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