No A. Jones for Sox

Yes, the Sox called the Braves yesterday inquiring about what it would take to get outfielder Andruw Jones. Yes, they were told that it would cost them Jon Lester, Craig Hansen and Coco Crisp. The Sox said thank you very much, and that was it. No counterproposals, no further conversation.

Alfonso Soriano? I talked to the GM of another club this morning and he thought the Red Sox might still be involved there. But there are other suitors, of course, most recently, as Jayson Stark on ESPN has reported, the Oakland Athletics.

The Sox have talked to the Padres about both reliever Scott Linebrink and starter Chris Young. The Padres have always liked Coco Crisp, and would like third baseman Mike Lowell. The Sox and Pads have been regular trade partners, so stay tuned there.

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