Sox update

There are less than three hours remaining before the trade deadline, and there was still a chance for a final flurry of deals. But as of 1 p.m. — whether it was the calm before the storm — the Red Sox weren’t involved in a potential blockbuster according to major league sources.

The steep prices that ruined chances for big deals at midweek have come down slightly. Maybe by 4 p.m. there’ll be a few blue-light specials. But as of now teams were gearing up for the final three hours and digging deep inside their respective organizations to see whether they were willing to give up major prospects or young veterans for what could be two-month rentals.


The Red Sox have been in the running for virtually every big name out there — from Julio Lugo to Jason Schmidt. They’ve been involved in three-way scenarios, one-for-ones and everything in between. But the Sox are only hearing names like Jon Lester, Jonathan Papelbon, Craig Hansen, Manny DelCarmen, Dustin Pedroia and they’re not liking those sounds.

There’s still a possibility the Sox could make a quick deal for the Phillies’ Jon Lieber.

The next two-plus hours should be interesting.

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