Give Manny a hit

SEATTLE — Just walked through the Yankee clubhouse here at Safeco Field where the Yankees play their series finale against the Mariners.

Asked Derek Jeter about the error he was charged with last weekend (in the second game of Friday’s double-header) in Boston on Manny Ramirez’ grounder which started the latest Manny firestorm.

“Ah, just give him (Ramirez) a hit,” laughed Jeter. “He hit it hard. I wasn’t standing up. I sort of semi-dove for it and I never really saw it after that. To be honest with you I haven’t even thought about it. Feel free to give him a hit if they want.”


Jeter isn’t one to complain about scoring decisions, especially those that don’t affect the outcome of the game. He admits he has questioned scorers decisions before, but he’s not one to prolong discussions about scorers understanding they have a tough job.

“The reason I didn’t think twice about it is because right after it happened, Melky (Cabrera) threw him (Mark Loretta) out at the plate. So it wound up being the same situation as if I caught it,” Jeter said.

Tough error?

“I’d have to look at it again on video and I’m just not interested in doing that,” Jeter said. “I was charged with an error. So be it. Like I said, the only concern I had was that it didn’t lead to a run. I wish I could tell you more, but it’s not something I’ve thought about too much. Only thought about it since you brought it up.”

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