Manny has MRI, seeing doctor shortly

Manny Ramirez had an MRI on his right knee around 11 o’clock (West Coast time) this morning and was headed to Angel Stadium for an examination with Dr Lewis Yocum, the Angels’ orthopedist.

There probably will be no official word on the results from the club until later today — although there’s no guarantee of that, either, given how secretive they’ve become about medical matters — but we’ll try to keep you informed. There is indeed some concern that Manny has cartilage damage in the knee, but that remains speculative at this stage.

As I pointed out in my Globe story this a.m., Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus first reported at the All-Star Game that Ramirez may be playing with a small tear in his medial meniscus cartilage; the accuracy of his report was not denied by a club official. The medial meniscus is toward the inside of the knee joint and refers to a thickened, crescent-shaped cartilage that rests between the thigh bone and shin bone, acting as a shock absorber. The injury is fairly common in baseball and depending on the severity, many players continue playing. Red Sox outfielder Trot Nixon played all of last season with a meniscus tear before undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery. Barry Bonds continues to have trouble with his knees after multiple surgeries to repair the meniscus.

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