Ortiz catching unfair heat

David Ortiz, needless to say, is unhappy to hear about headlines like the one that appeared in today’s NY Post, which read “Ortiz Disses Jeter,” or the photo of him that appears in the USA Today with the caption that says he believes he should be MVP.

The reason he’s upset is because he said nothing of the sort. I know, because I’m the reporter he talked to after Sunday’s game, a conversation that began with me asking Ortiz what he thought his chances were of winning the MVP. He formed a big fat zero with his hand.


He then made the point that he felt the big boppers, the guys who drive in 120 and hit 40 or more, are more deserving of the MVP than a Derek Jeter — who he stressed was having a great year — because they do more for their team. He also said that if he hits 50 and knocks in 15-20 more runs than anybody else, he should still be considered a candidate, even if the Sox have fallen out of the race, citing the precedent of A-Rod winning for a last-place Texas team in 2002.

That has been twisted into Ortiz being selfish, Ortiz campaigning for himself, Ortiz putting down Jeter, ridiculous.

And of course, with the Sox headed for NYC this weekend, the circus will only continue.

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