NOMAH!!!–Can you name me a better finish?

OK, kids, as incredible as the Kevin Millar walk, the Dave Roberts stolen base, and the Billy Mueller base hit off Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the ninth was in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, I’m asking you if there has ever been a more spectacular finish to a ballgame than what happened last night in Dodger Stadium?

Four home runs on seven pitches by the La-La’s to tie the score in the bottom of the ninth, two on the first two pitches thrown by future Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman. Then, after the Padres went ahead again in the 10th against Aaron Sele, our old friend Rudy Seanez comes in, walks Kenny Lofton, then throws a 3-and-1 cookie to Nomar, who hits one into the left-field pavilion. Seven home runs by the Dodgers, who are LAST in the NL in home runs. Four in a row in the ninth? Are you KIDDING me? Our old friend Derek Lowe may have said it best when he said, “Nobody in this room can probably explain anything that happened tonight.”


So, I’m asking you, can you top this one? And remember what was at stake … the Dodgers reclaimed first place with the W.

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