Gonzo loses Gold Glove to Jeter (?!)

Derek Jeter is a great player. There can be little debate. But Jeter may not even be the best-fielding shortstop in New York (hello, Jose Reyes).

Yet Thursday Jeter won his third straight Gold Glove at shortstop, beating out Alex Gonzalez of the Red Sox, who was merely the best fielding shortstop in Sox history, and who belongs in the same company as Ozzie Smith and Omar Vizquel among all-time great glovemen at short.

Jeter won even though he made more than twice as many errors as Gonzalez (15 to 7) and had a lower fielding percentage (.975 to .985).

Sox third baseman Mike Lowell also went unrewarded with a Gold Glove, as Eric Chavez of Oakland won for the sixth straight season. At least you could make a strong case for Chavez; he made one fewer error than Lowell (5 for Chavez, 6 for Lowell) and their fielding percentage was the same (.97), though Lowell started 19 more games than Chavez and handled 90 more chances (456 to 386).


You can’t pin this one on the dopes in the media. AL managers and coaches vote on the Gold Gloves.

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