Sox confirm top bid

The Red Sox released the following statement:

We are pleased and excited to have acquired the rights to negotiate with Daisuke Matsuzaka. We have long admired Mr. Matsuzaka’s abilities and believe he would be a great fit as a member of our organization. We look forward to meeting Mr. Matsuzaka and beginning the next step of this process with him and his representative, Scott Boras.

Out of respect for Mr. Matsuzaka. the Seibu Lions, Japanese Professional Baseball, and Major League Baseball, we will have no further comment at this time. Thank you.

“We’re very pleased and excited. We’ve long admired Mr. Matsuzaka,” Red Sox GM Theo Epstein said. “Matsuzaka has a real talent. He would be a great fit with the Red Sox organization.


“We’re excited to have won this part of the process. We’re hopeful we can reach an agreement.”

“This was a bid to acquire the rights to acquire the services of Matsuzaka,” said Epstein. “We think it would be a great fit to the organization. We’re going to talk to Mr. Boras. We hope to meet him soon and begin the next stage in this process.”

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