No action on Manny

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Greetings from Lake Buena Vista, where we assume last night’s action by the Sox — the sealing of the deal with J.D. Drew, the coming to terms with Julio Lugo, and Terry Francona’s comments that Manny isn’t likely to be traded, have provided Sox fans with lots of material to talk about today.

I wouldn’t put much stock in the ESPN Deportes report that Manny will be gone by the end of the day to the Mariners or Dodgers. There was a media luncheon with managers today, and Francona wasn’t deviating from his position from the day before. We’ve also heard plenty about the Giants’ efforts to acquire Manny, but from the beginning it has been pretty evident that the teams don’t match up, although I guess we can never rule anything out.


The Sox are talking to closer Eric Gagne, but the word here is that he is seeking at least $5 million guaranteed from any team that signs him, even though he has had multiple elbow surgeries, shoulder stiffness and a back operation and has pitched a total of 15 1/3 innings in the last two seasons.

Gagne has appeal to the Sox — he saved 152 games in three seasons for the Dodgers before his current wave of injuries — and the club needs a closer. But unless the price comes down, I think the Sox will adopt a wait-and-see attitude here.

They’re also waiting to see if Keith Foulke accepts salary arbitration tomorrow night. If he accepts, he becomes essentially a signed player for 2007, although it’s a stretch to think the Sox would then turn to him to close.

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