Resolution this week?

Both sides on the J.D. Drew matter would like to get the contract done this week. But right now it’s still in the “easier said than done” stage.

The Sox are looking for protections after their medical staff found areas of concern in Drew’s surgically repaired right shoulder that could diminish some of Drew’s power.

The Sox and Drew agreed on a five-year, $70 million deal at the winter meetings in early December. Almost a month later, the issue hasn’t been resolved.

According to Drew’s agent, Scott Boras, his doctors have indicated there’s nothing wrong with Drew’s shoulder. That could be an indication Boras might be balking at revising any of the contract, especially a revision that would take away guaranteed money and replace it with incentives. The Red Sox aren’t placing much stock in second opinions that Drew received because they are only concerned with what they saw in their examination and test results.


The Red Sox have had good success detecting medical problems, including the one that prevented them from offering Pedro Martinez a fourth year two years ago. Martinez, a New York Met, is currently recovering from major surgery on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, the Sox continue to explore trade talks for a closer. Washington’s Chad Cordero, Houston’s Brad Lidge and Pittsburgh’s Mike Gonzalez all appear to be targets.

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