Matsuzaka haiku

The Yanks Fan vs. Sox Fan site has announced its winners in the Matsuzaka/Igawa Haiku Competition:

Here are the top three winners as decided by a jury panel of Will Leitch of Deadspin, Paul Lukas of, and Dan Shanoff, formerly of

The Bash-o Prize (first place): Yanks Fan in Boston

hub’s opening day
signs read: “we love daisuke”
manny asks, “who’s that?”

The Blue Jay Prize (second place): John

Matsuzaka hears
Sox fans on WEEI
Hari kari next

The Iron Chef Prize (third place): Spidey

Dice-K’s tummy growls…
too thick and milky! Chowdah
isn’t miso-based.

For more of the honorable mentions, visit Yanks Fan vs. Sox Fan.


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