Talks continue on Drew snag

While there was still no deal finalized late Tuesday night, Red Sox officials and agent Scott Boras have been discussing the J.D. Drew contractual snag the past two days and planned on continuing their chat today. At least one person involved in the talks thought a resolution could come shortly.

The talks took a hiatus for more than a week when Boras was busy with the Barry Zito contract and other business while Theo Epstein took a vacation. But both sides are back at it, trying to hammer out medical language that will protect the Red Sox in case there’s an issue with Drew’s surgically repaired right shoulder. The Red Sox medical staff has highlighted one specific area of concern that the medical language may evolve around. The Red Sox agreed to pay Drew $70 million over five years, $14 million per year. Part of the fifth year had incentives that Drew had to reach for games played in order to receive the full $14 million.


Both sides have always maintained a deal would eventually get done, but the snag came about a week after the winter meetings when Drew came to Boston for his physical. Drew has been home in Georgia and did not return a call seeking comment on the status of talks.

The Red Sox are currently busy with a rookie development program that is taking place at Boston College, which will be open to the media this morning.

There will also be a press conference Thursday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. at the annual Boston Baseball Writers Dinner at the Convention Center on Thursday. Some of the dinner guests including National League MVP Ryan Howard, Detroit general manager Dave Dombrowski and Jonathan Papelbon to name a few will be on hand. In the past it has been used as a venue to make Red Sox announcements.

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