Changing Venues

First, I just wanted to thank everyone for their very kind emails. I will certainly try to get to many of the questions in them, though most of you just wrote to cheer me on — and I appreciate it! And, yes, I do have this kind of energy in person, and it’s nearly constant, though you’ll have to check back with me near the end of the baseball season to be sure.

We’ve moved over from the minor league complex to City of Palms Park for the Daisuke Matsuzaka press conference. After our hour and a half of access down Edison Road, all the reporters picked up quickly and shot down to make sure we could get a spot in what we assumed would be a mighty crowded press box for the event of the beginning of spring training. And there are definitely some big names around here. Many of the New York papers have shown up, plus the Washington Post, Yahoo!, ESPN, and more.


Back down the road, we got to “talk” to Hideki Okajima and talk to Kevin Youkilis, so I will try to get you some information from both of them, though more will be included in stories in the paper tomorrow. (Okajima had to be related to us through a translator, of course.) Today might require a bit of patience from all of you, which I will most appreciate. Matsuzaka will be on in just more than an hour and we’ll try to get that stuff to you, as well.

Okajima and Youkilis, along with new reliever Brendan Donnelly, were the new arrivals in camp today, though we didn’t see Donnelly over at the minor league complex.

Time to transcribe my tape from Okajima and Youkilis. Be back in a little while.

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