Delcarmen’s highlights

I have to apologize for not updating the blog earlier. I meant to add more last night when I finished my stories, but it simply got to be too late. And this morning I’ve been stranded at the Sox minor league complex where the wireless Internet wasn’t working, which was most unfortunate.

No big-name arrivals to report, though I can respond to all of you who wanted weather updates with the fact that it’s freezing here (Florida freezing, obviously, not Boston freezing). There’s a frost watch on for tonight, and all the reporters are decked out in sweaters, long pants, and jackets. I’m just glad I threw a couple of extra sweaters in my suitcase. OK, enough of that. I’m not asking for an avalanche of e-mails excoriating me for thinking 50-degree temperatures are cold while Boston’s getting ice and snow.


I do have a few notes to add, though. When Hideki Okajima spoke to the press yesterday, he mentioned that his locker was placed next to Daisuke Matsuzaka and some pitcher he couldn’t identify. (This was after Matsuzaka had told the press he was situated between Jason Varitek and Okajima.) For those wondering, the unnamed pitcher is actually Runelvys Hernandez, the former Royals pitcher who came in on a minor league deal.

And far more importantly, I have solved the hair mystery! (Seriously, I got almost as many e-mails asking about Manny Delcarmen’s highlights as I did about the arrival date of the other Manny.) The hair, back to its pre-shaved head length, has a bit of a bizarre orange tint, which Delcarmen — who has been in Fort Myers since Feb. 1 — fully acknowledged, laughing as he explained the process that brought him to this hue.

“It wasn’t highlights,” Delcarmen said. “I did it myself, like all over. I wanted it to be a little blond and my wife was like, ‘It’s going to be too blond, take it out!’ I took it out and it stayed a little orange. It doesn’t look that bad when it’s wet. When it’s wet you can’t tell.”


Good times.

We’ll have more later from Josh Beckett, as well as Terry Francona and Theo Epstein, who are both speaking around 1 p.m.

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