Back on the watch

Just to give you an idea of the attention the Red Sox are drawing here at the Fort Myers minor league complex: Upon arriving at 7:15 this morning, there was already a pair of satellite trucks set up out front, approximately 15 cars in the media parking lot, and about 35-40 vehicles in the Red Sox players and personnel section.

A quick count while driving past the Minnesota Twins’ spring training facility, where pitchers and catchers reported yesterday, about 20 minutes earlier revealed a grand total of 11 cars. Give or take.

It should be another hectic day here, with the latest edition of the Manny Watch upon us. Red Sox pitcher Julian Tavarez told WBZ’s Dan Roche last night that Manny Ramírez will not report to camp until March 1 because his mother requires surgery for an undisclosed reason. Red Sox manager Terry Francona told the Globe’s Gordon Edes last night that he had not yet been informed of the situation.


So, here we go…

The players should take the field for workouts in a couple hours. We’ll have more in a bit.

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