Francona stays away

Terry Francona isn’t touching this one.

When asked about Julian Tavarez’s comments regarding Manny Ramirez – who told Tavarez he would not be reporting to camp until March 1- Francona elected to go the no comment route.

“I haven’t talked to him,” he said. “Lot of he said, she said that I’m not sure is true.”

Tavarez said this morning that Ramirez’s mother had surgery recently for what was feared to have been a tumor in her chest and that Ramirez, who is in western Florida with her, had been having a difficult time dealing with the situation. Tavarez also told the Globe’s Gordon Edes this morning, however, that his mother’s condition is not the reason for his tardiness. “Manny being Manny,” Tavarez said.


“If somebody calls me and tells me something happens it’s easier for me to comment than his publicist, Julian, saying this,” Francona said. “Let me get it figured out here.”

More from Francona in a bit…

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