Julio Lugo arrives

For those of you particularly interested in the chemistry in the new double play combination of Dustin Pedroia and Julio Lugo, the pair met today for the first time. Pedroia had mentioned to me yesterday that he had yet to meet the effervescent (my word, not his) shortstop and was looking forward to it. He got his wish today, as Lugo showed up on the day before position players are supposed to report (though he had originally indicated he would be here on Friday), and was already out on the field for drills with the other non-pitchers and catchers. We just saw the pair of infielders taking ground balls. They’re not quite up to working on double plays yet. It’s still early.


In case you were wondering, Lugo came into camp clean-shaven, unlike Kevin Youkilis, whose thick reddish beard balances his shaved head.

Youkilis, for what it’s worth, spent the morning taking grounders at third base, alongside Eric Hinske.

Meanwhile, the pitchers scheduled to take to bullpen mounds today included just about every reliever other than Hideki Okajima, who participated with the starters yesterday.

That’s the current excitement. I can tell you (again) that it’s still cold here. Sunny, but it was in the 40s as I was driving in. Tina Cervasio just remarked to me that we need a vat of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee just to warm up — not to mention for the caffeine factor after all these 6 a.m. wakeups we’ve been having.

Looks like Lugo should be talking today. We’ll bring you the latest from the shortstop — since we last met with him in the Dominican Republic — sometime this afternoon. I know you are all eagerly anticipating the news. We’re here for you.

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