Lugo is ‘bananas’

New Red Sox shortstop Julio Lugo showed up at camp today and said he feels “bananas” about the lineup that he’s joining.

“We’ve got a good team,” he said.

Red Sox manager Terry Francona compared the enthusiasm that Lugo will bring to the club to that of Orlando Cabrera after coming over from the Montreal Expos at the 2004 trading deadline.

“Similar type of attitude,” Francona said. “He’s got that type of attitude that I think, in Boston, will make him a better player. The atmosphere we have, I think, will bring out the best he can be. It happened with [David] Ortiz and it certainly happened with Orlando Cabrera.”


Francona also admitted that Lugo, who has made 20-plus errors three of the last four years, would have a tough act to follow in Alex Gonzalez.

“The thing we’re going to battle is the guy who played here last year played the best shortstop we’ve ever seen. The best shortstop I’ve ever seen. Nobody is going to do that again.”

Lugo comes in already good friends with Sox star sluggers Manny Ramirez and Ortiz, the latter of whom he played against in the Dominican Winter League and would frequent restaurants with.

“He makes a little more money, so he has to take me to dinner now,” Lugo said.

You can hear more of Lugo’s comments today by clicking here.

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