Theo on Schill

Does Curt Schilling have something to prove to Theo Epstein before he gets a new contract?

Red Sox GM Theo Epstein sat down with WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan in Fort Myers this morning to answer a few questions about the pitching staff, the new arrivals, Schilling’s status, and more this morning.

Surprisingly, the hosts did not ask Epstein if he had heard from Sox slugger Manny Ramirez, who reportedly will not arrive in camp until March 1, or if Epstein would confirm Ramirez’s arrival date as today is the team’s reporting date for players.

Epstein was asked if he expected a deal to get done for Curt Schilling to pitch in ’08.


“Yeah, I have little doubt in my mind that if Curt wants to pitch in ’08 that he’s going to be a member of the Boston Red Sox,” said Epstein. “As far as the timing of the deal, or the nature of the deal, that remains to be seen. He’s sort of at the point in his career where, as an organization, we’ve been slower to commit guaranteed money in the future. We tend to like guys to kind of prove it at that age but, you know, we’re talking and I’m sure there will be an amicable resolution one way or the other.”

Theo also spoke about the high cost to acquire quality pitching in today’s market.

“I can’t say we saw the whole market shift [on the high price of pitching] coming early enough because otherwise we would have done things differently,” said Epstein. “Last offseason we would have signed all our guys, but I think we did see the pitching market coming and we got Josh [Beckett] done at a really good number and we were proactive with [Daisuke] Matsuzaka because we knew to get even the second or third best pitcher later in the offseason, would be more expensive.”

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