Epstein on Manny

Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein confirmed today that Manny Ramirez will report to camp on March 1, due to a family matter.

Epstein and manager Terry Francona spoke of Ramirez reporting and being “accountable,” but stressed that this was a message no different for anyone else on the team.

“Manny’s going to be here ready to go March 1,” Epstein said. “He’s got a family situation. The important thing from our perspective, at this point, is that when he does show up on March 1 that he’s ready to go, accountable to his teammates, accountable to the organization.”

Francona also said that he spoke with Manny and his agent last night.


Pitcher Julian Tavarez told the media earlier this week that Ramirez would not report until March 1 because he was with his mother in Weston, Fla. after she had undergone surgery for a feared tumor. Tavarez also told the Globe’s Gordon Edes this was not the reason Ramirez was going to be late. “Manny being Manny,” he said.

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