Theo confirms no deal

Three minutes and it was over.

After a meeting with general manager Theo Epstein yesterday that lasted about three minutes — Curt Schilling asked for the short version — it appears that Schilling will not be signing a new contract with the Red Sox before the season, deciding instead to play out his contract in Boston and file for free agency at the end of the season.

“I’m human. Yeah, it’s disappointing, but it’s something I absolutely understood and I said coming in, I knew that’s a possibility,” Schilling said in a rapid-fire, four-and-a-half minute press conference. “That’s the way it happens. That’s a decision that they made on their end. Whether you like it or not it’s the way things have to work.”


There was no offer last night, and with Schilling’s age a major factor, the Red Sox decided that signing Schilling at this point wasn’t worth the risk with the pitcher set to turn 41 in November. Epstein confirmed that age was significant in the team’s decision.

“We met yesterday to wrap up the negotiations,” Epstein said. “We have a tremendous amount of respect for Curt. Always have, always will. It doesn’t change how we feel about him. It doesn’t change our expectations for him. Doesn’t change his place in the organization. It simply wasn’t the right time for us to enter into a guaranteed agreement for 2008.”

Schilling did add that he would not rule out signing with the Red Sox after also listening to offers from other teams in free agency.

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